Two Gentlemen
of Verona

Directed by Kevin Sutley

Runs Even Dates & Most Sat/Sun Matinees

A bromance for the ages - The Two Gentlemen of Verona, one of Shakespeare's earliest comedies, tells the story of two devoted friends, Valentine and Proteus. Devoted that is until both fall for the same love interest and then things get complicated....betrayal, cross-dressing, misunderstandings and comedy ensue.

Proteus and Valentine, two young men from Verona, are the closest of friends. As the play begins, Valentine is leaving small town Verona for the bright lights of the big city, Milan. Although Valentine wants him to come along, Proteus prefers to stay home and woo Julia, the young woman he has fallen in love with.

Once in Milan, Valentine falls in love with Silvia, daughter to the Duke. Back in Verona, just as Proteus wins the love of Julia his father decides he must broaden his horizons and see the world like his friend Valentine. Broken-hearted, Proteus and Julia vow to stay faithful to each
other... forever.

Upon joining Valentine in Milan, Proteus instantly falls in love with Silvia. Forgetting his vow to Julia and the love for his BFF Valentine, Proteus immediately hatches a plot to win Silvia’s love for himself. Proteus reveals to the duke Valentine’s plan to elope with Silvia. In anger, the Duke banishes Valentine to the forest where he joins a merry gang of outlaws who are in need of a leader.

Meanwhile, the lonely Julia cannot bear to be away from her betrothed, Proteus. Because it is dangerous for a woman to travel alone, Julia disguises herself as a man and makes the trip to Milan to surprise the unsuspecting Proteus. Disgusted by Proteus’ attempts to woo her, and locked in her room by her father, Silvia escapes in hopes of reconnecting with Valentine.


She is soon captured by the outlaws who are in the process of taking her to their new leader, Valentine, when Proteus and Sebastian (Julia in disguise) chase off the outlaws. Proteus, angry that Silvia will not return his affections even after he has ‘rescued’ her, threaten’s to “force thee yield to my desire.” Just then, Valentine arrives threatening Proteus. He soon remembers his love for his friend, and forgives Proteus. Then the Duke arrives and forgives Proteus and Valentine and the pack of Outlaws. Then all the happy and newly forgiven men happily trundle off together in happiness.

The Winter's Tale

Directed by Dave Horak

Odd Dates & Last Two Sunday Matinees 

A fantastical journey full of jealously, obsession, love, loss, romance and just a touch of magic. This Shakespeare work blends tragedy, romance and comedy to create a moving story of redemption.

Polixenes, King of Bohemia, has been on a nine-month visit to the court of his childhood friend Leontes, King of Sicilia, and his wife, Queen Hermione. Leontes becomes convinced that his pregnant wife has been having an affair with Polixenes and he tries to persuade his most trusted courtier, Camillo, to poison Polixenes. Convinced of the queen's innocence, Camillo warns Polixenes and they depart for Bohemia together. Furious at their escape, Leontes puts his wife, Hermione in prison where she gives birth to a daughter. Hermoine’s loyal friend, Paulina, brings the baby to the king in hopes that the sight of the child will soften his heart but instead Polixenes orders Paulina’s husband, Antigonus, to leave the newly born daughter on a desert shore.


Leontes puts Hermione on trial for treason but when he denies the truth brought from the Oracle of Delphi who declares her innocence, his son Mamillius dies and then shortly after Leontes is told that the queen has also died. Meanwhile, Antigonus leaves the baby girl on the coast of Bohemia, where he is torn to pieces by a bear. An old shepherd and his son find the baby, bring her up as a member of their family and name her Perdita.


16 YEARS LATER: In Sicilia, Perdita is being courted by Polixenes' son, Florizel, who has disguised himself as a shepherd, Doricles. A roguish pedlar Autolycus tricks the shepherd’s son out of his money and learns that a large sheep shearing festival is happening in Sicilia where he might find more suckers to buy his wares. Polixenes and Camillo come in disguise to the festival to check up on Florizel; when the king finds out he is courting Perdita, he angrily denounces his son. Florizel and Perdita flee to Sicilia, with the assistance of Camillo, who longs to see his native land again. In Sicilia, Leontes - still mourning after all this time - greets the son of his old friend who is pretending to be on a diplomatic mission. Florizel’s cover is blown when Polixenes and Camillo also arrive to Bohemia. The old shepherd and his son reveal Perdita's true identity which leads Leontes to rejoice. 


SPOLIER: Paulina, seeing that Leontes has truly transformed, reveals a statue of the dead queen and tells the assembled company to prepare themselves for a great wonder. The sight of his wife’s life-like statue makes Leontes distraught, but then, to everyone’s amazement the statue comes to life.



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