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Thank you for visiting our donation page and considering supporting us financially! 

The Free Will Players Theatre Guild is committed to making theatre arts accessible and affordable for everyone, regardless of age, ability, education, or income levels. By donating today, you can help shape the future of our festival, ensuring that we can continue to deliver exceptional performances while supporting the many individuals who bring our theatrical vision to life every summer.


Scroll down to learn more about different donation options, or visit our Support Us page to discover other ways you can support FWP and the Freewill Shakespeare Festival.


Why donate monthly? Your monthly contribution provides more stable support, ensuring consistent funding for ongoing operations and better financial planning, which helps us continue to provide high-quality Shakespearean performances and cultural enrichment for the Edmonton community. 

The Generous Giver!


In a year, your donation provides 12 tickets to those who can’t afford it, allowing individuals and families who may face financial barriers to experience the magic of live theatre. 

Also, as we celebrate our 35th anniversary, commemorate this milestone with a meaningful donation.

Keep the Lights On!


In a year, your donation supports valuable day-to-day operational costs, such as venue and office rentals, equipment maintenance, costume and set design, and more, ensuring that we can continue to do what you love most - producing accessible Shakespeare productions to the Edmonton community. 

For the Readers!


In a year, your donation provides a pair of printed programs for each performance. These programs, a mainstay of Freewill productions, provide valuable production insights serve as keepsakes for many and provide local businesses with advertising opportunities. 

The Thesbian!


In a year, your donation "adopts" one actor for all of our performances, showing your commitment to the enduring legacy of the arts and the dedicated individuals who bring Shakespeare to life on stage. You become an invaluable patron of the arts, sustaining the creative spirit of our productions. 


Looking at supporting a specific cause at Freewill? Don't have the extra funds to commit monthly? Here are some special one-time & yearly donation opportunities!


A POP-ular Option!

Your donation provides a week's supply of delicious popcorn for the concession tent at the festival. For any regular attendee, you know how beloved our popcorn is at Freewill. 


You ensure that festival attendees can enjoy this classic snack and enhance the welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone to savour the Freewill experience.


Dress to Impress!

Your support covers the creation and maintenance of an intricate costume for one of our talented actors throughout the run of one production.


By supporting the build and upkeep of these costumes, you help us elevate the artistic and theatrical experience for our audience, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the magic of live Shakespeare.


Shakespearean Legacy!

In 2024, we are proud to commemorate 460 years of performing the timeless works of Shakespeare since his death. Join us in celebrating this remarkable milestone!


As we honour this legacy, we also eagerly anticipate the future. Together, let's mark 460 years of Shakespearean productions as we set our sights on another 460 years to come.


Adopt an Artist!

Your generous contribution plays a pivotal role in supporting the expenses associated with engaging talented artists each year. 


You enable the realization of captivating performances that showcase the exceptional skills and creativity of our dedicated artists.


Please note: Your donation will not be given directly to the artist.


Unique to You!

Have a special number, a number that you love, a number of years you’ve been going to Freewill, or an upcoming anniversary or special occasion?


Choose that amount and let us know why it is significant in the comment box, so we can learn more about you and your generous and unique contribution.


Embracing Innovation

The future of art requires imagination and a willingness to embrace innovation. This includes adapting to new technologies, implementing sustainable and accessible practices, and, in the case of Freewill, continuing to create art when we are removed from our usual home of Hawrelak Park.

Creating Opportunities

In a year, Freewill employs over 50 artists to create our shows. Over 40% of our budget goes toward paying those artists and professionals a competitive wage. Supporting initiatives that provide employment opportunities to local artists also contribute to the future of the arts.

Improving Our Community

In 2022-23, 70.3% of Albertans attend arts and culture events and 76.3% of Albertans feel that arts and culture make their communities a better place to live. Donating to the arts ensures more Albertans can improve their communities and that amazing arts and culture events can continue to be produced.

Giving for the Future

Philanthropy has a significant impact on the arts. Organizations and individuals who generously donate to the arts help ensure sustainability and growth, as many arts organizations, (Freewill included!) are charities and rely on donations to continue.

Supporting the Economy

The Arts industry brings in at least $5.6 Billion into Alberta. Edmonton specifically accounts for more than ⅓ of the arts organizations in Alberta, with approximately 35-50,000 Edmontonians who get all or part of their earnings from creative economy work. a healthy life.

Your support of the arts supports many. If you believe in Freewill’s mission to bring professional, classical theatre with contemporary twists to all Edmontonians, please consider donating.



Did you know that 'philanthropy' means 'love of humankind'? Share that love of humankind by honouring the legacy of a loved one by donating in honour of them to Freewill or plan for the future by including a bequest in your estate documents, like your will or life insurance. There are 1.5 million Canadians alive today who have planned bequests to charities. If you would like to discuss a legacy gift with us, we would love to hear from you. Please feel free to email Chantelle at anytime. 

You can also set up your very own Endowment Fund to support Freewill or donate to an existing Endowment Fund! 

If you are interested in including a bequest in an estate document, it is always recommended that you obtain legal advice from a licensed lawyer in your province to ensure that your wishes are properly expressed and will be respected.

Legal name and address:

Free Will Players Theatre Guild

12122 68 Street NW

Edmonton, AB, T5B 1R1


Canadian Charity Number:



We are pleased as punch that Mary-Ellen Perley, long-time board member and Friend of Freewill, has set up an endowment fund in support of FWP through the Edmonton Community Foundation (ECF). If you are interested in contributing to the long-term sustainability of our festival, you can donate to Mary-Ellen’s fund through the ECF website.

What is an Endowment Fund? 

Endowment Funds are set up in collaboration with the Edmonton Community Foundation (ECF) to ensure their investments are set up for long-term growth. Endowment funds offer permanent investment of charitable gifts to provide ongoing support to organizations in the Edmonton community. 

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