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at the Freewill Shakespeare Festival

Choose an artist from our 2024 cast and crew and “adopt” them for part of the festival during our Adopt an Artist fundraiser! Share the love by adopting more than one, or adopt an artist for an entire week of the festival with a gift of $1000.


When you Adopt an Artist, your donation helps the Freewill Shakespeare Festival cover the costs of hiring artists, making costumes, or building props for use in our productions this year. The donation will not be given directly to the Artist.

*When you checkout, Zeffy automatically adds a small donation directed to their organization. You are able to edit this donation amount as you see fit.

  • Do I get anything for donating to this fundraiser?
    Yes! You will be acknowledged in the festival program. You will also receive a tax receipt for the amount you have donated, and our profuse and everlasting thanks! ​Your donation does not include tickets to the Freewill Shakespeare Festival.
  • How does this work?
    Purchase a ticket or five under the artist of your choice; there is no limit on the number of tickets per artist, but you will be limited to ten tickets per transaction.
  • Do you have a fundraising goal?
    Yes! We’re hoping to raise $10,000 with this campaign; every dollar helps keep the festival alive and furthers our efforts to become sustainable.

Please direct all other questions to our Assistant Managing Director, Chantelle, at

Meet The Artists

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