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adopt an actor Donors

Thank you to all of our amazing donors who participated in our first ever Adopt an Actor campaign in 2022! Together you we raised over $8500+ to support our super talent cast!


Thank you to all of our amazing donors for 32nd - 34th Season (2020-22)

Duke's Court ($5000+)

Joan Fargey

Merry Givers of Windsor ($1000+)


Francis C.Price

Greg Zeschuk

James & Fiona McFarland


Sandra and Peter Dawes

Virginia Isaac

Julius Giver ($250 - $999)

Aidan Hailes

Alfred Falk

All-Safe HSE Inc.

Allison Smale

Andrew & Carol Raczynski

Barbara & Richard Johnstone

Bridget Hinn

Bridget Chinn

Ellen Woods

Glenn Walmsley

In Honour of Bil Chinn

Jean Casault

Judy Chepeha


Louise Edwards

Mary Anne Yurkiw

Michael Phair

Mike Otto

Miriam Fox

Natalie and Wes Stevens

Rashmi Mandhane

Rick Bronson's The Comic Strip

Sandra Keating

Shadow Theatre

The Butchery by Rge Rd


Comedy of Donors ($20 - $249)

Adam Maki

Adrian Rys

Alex Haskin

Andrew & Nancy Whistance-Smith

Angie Bognar

Anne-Louise Charette

Annette Loiselle

Aquired Taste

Ashley McPherson

Audrey's Books

Barb and KenGalm

Barbara Sinn

Bessie Jahnke

Beverly Stachnik

Black Diamond Distillery

Brent Christopherson

Brune Sinneave

Cafe la Reine

Carlean Fisher

Carole Middleton

Cassie Duval

Catfish Coffee

Catherine Keill

Cheryl MacKenzie

Christa Teskey

Christy Foley

Christy Phillips

Cindy Thomas

Citadel Theatre

Claudette Gourdine

Colette Storms

Connie Lloyd

CW Hill Photography

Dan Knauss

Darin McKinley

Darlene Teske

Denise Purcell

Dennis Vass

Derek Heslinga

Diana McGee

Don Scafe

Dorothy Ritz

Doug Brese

Dr. Sherrill Grace

Elizabeth Millar

Erica Bullwinkle

Erin Prenoslo

Evelyn Ellerman

Float House

Francine Godbout

Genevieve Labbe


Greg Thiessen

Gurston Dacks

Heather Larson

Hitomi Suzuta

In Honour of Jeanie Casault

Jan Jackson

Janet Sadowski

Jay Newby

Jean-Pierre Fournier

Jeffrey Bisanz

Jennifer Lambert

Jennifer Oakes

Jenny Olsen

Jessica Basar

Jessica Coles

Jessica Van Vliet

Jessie Hawkins

Jim Stein

JoAnne Burek Lee Stickles

John McIvor

Joseph Caouette

Judy and Rob Hutchinson

Juliana Lee

Karen Davison

Karen Vandermeer

Karley Kinsella

Kathy Manyk

Laura Schechter

Laurel's On Whyte



Lisa Denesiuk

Lori Mienhart

Louise Mallory

Luke Parke

Lynn Smarsh

Marie Lesoway

Marjorie Ormiston

Marlaine Gaye Osgood

Martha Miller

Mary Whale

Mary-Ellen Perley

Maryon McClary

Maureen Roszell

Megan Birnie

Michael Sharp

Michele Brubaker

Michele Eickholt

Morgan Gagnon

Paul Lange

Pauline Law

Peter Strahlendorf

Ramona Whyte

Rapid Fire Theatre

Ray Summers

Rene Mauthe

Rhiannon Perley-Waugh

Rocky Pilisko

Samuel Fisher

Shelley Bouska

Shoppers Drug Mart - 82nd Ave

Stephen Bouska

Strathcona Spirits

Stuart Cowen

Sugar Swing Ballroom

Sugared & Spiced Baked Goods Inc.

Susan Rockwood

Teresa Goldie

Terry Coyes

Timothy van Haaften

Trudy Harrold

Wayne Jamieson

Wesley Smart

Adopted for the Entire Run ($1000)

Nadien Chu

By anonymous

Brett Dahl

By Wendy Busse and Keith Stefanick

Adopted for Half the Run ($500)

Vince Forcier

By Amy Lind

Nadien Chu & Troy O'Donnell

By Dennis and Kathleen Meyer


Priya Narine

By Saif and Ami Rashiq 

Adopted for a Week ($250+)

Troy O'Donnell

By Emanuel Blosser

Yassine El Fassi El Fihri

By James and Karen Gysen

Nadien Chu

By Lori Mienhart


Meegan Sweet

By Pemme Cunliffe


Moses Kouyate

By Reg Contz

Micheal Peng

By Kathy Murrie


Nadien Chu

By Necha Aitken, Liz & Glenn Cook

Adopted for Opening Night ($100+)

Moses Kouyate

By Angela Zacher


Ian Leung

By Astrid Blodgett


Moses Kouyate

By Barb and Ken Galm

Kijo Gatama

By Barb Sinn

Dayna Lea Hoffmann, Meegan Sweet, & Ruth Alexander

By Brenda Kane and Family

Ruth Alexander

By Debra Lieberman


Troy O'Donnell

By Doreen Piehl


Brett Dahl

By EvolutionWonderLounge


Priya Narine

By Greg Harding

Troy O'Donnell
By Janet M. Clark

Sale Gale

By Kate Gale

Troy O'Donnell
By Kevin Mott

Nadien Chu

By Margery Brown

Troy O'Donnell
By Mary-Ellen Perley

Moses Kouyate
By McCourt Family

Vincent Forcier

By Michèle Brubaker

Dean Stockdale

By Michele Eickholt

Dean Stockdale

By Veronica Keuchel

Dayna Lea Hoffmann

By William S. (Herb) Taylor


The support of the following organizations and businesses has made our 2022 Freewill Shakespeare Festival a renowned success! Thank you for your support!

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