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Free Will Shakespeare Festival

and Thou Art Here

are serious about the health of our performers and audience and will be following protocols set out by Alberta Health Services.

Some of the protocols we are following include:

In order to keep audience size manageable and Covid-safe, performances will not be advertised in advance. To find a performance, follow us on social media where we will post just prior to starting. 

All performers are questioned about their health before starting work. If any worker has symptoms related to Covid 19, work is stopped.

Performers are working as a cohort but still maintain physical distance and wear masks and/ or face shields during rehearsal and performance.

Performers have kept their personal cohorts small and contact outside of the cohort is limited.

Hand Sanitizer and disinfectant is always available.

Performers will maintain physical distance from the audience. 

The AHS guidelines allow up to 100 audience for outdoor events but we will keep the audience size less than that.

Any props or costumes will be only handled by the specific performer that it belongs to and cleaned after every use.

The performance is mobile and will move locations if a large audience gathers.

A Freewill staff member will always be in attendance to help with crowd control.

Performers will stop any performance if is there is a worry about their safety or the safety of the audience.

These protocols are updated regularly.

We are following the guidelines that AHS has set out. Since the guidelines are often updated, we are watching this link:


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Phone:780 425 8086

Shows run rain or shine

Evening shows start at 8pm, Sat. and Sun. Mat. 2pm

No main stage shows on Monday


(Start June 16, 2021)

Tuesday- Friday: 6:30pm - 8:15pm
Sat. & Sun. Matinee: 12:30pm - 2:15pm​
Sat. & Sun. 6:30pm - 8:15pm


Approx. 45 min before shows start.

CURRENT BOARD - 2021-2022

Chair: Catherine Jevic

Vice Chair:  Jodie Kachkar
Secretary: Jodie Kachkar

Treasurer: Tram Le
Co-Treasurer: Mary-Ellen Perley 

Artistic Associates: 

Nadien Chu,

Troy O’Donnell,

Molly Pearson

Directors at Large: 

Gil Miciak 

Mary-Ellen Perley

Ex officio:
Nikola Tonn ~ Managing Director